Packers: 3 roster moves we can make to clear cap space for J.J. Watt

If the Packers want to land J.J. Watt in free agency, they need to open up some salary cap space.

The time is right for the Green Bay Packers to go all-in to give Aaron Rodgers another chance to win a Super Bowl. Landing J.J. Watt in free agency would represent just that sort of move. To turn that dream into reality, the Packers need to open up the cap space required to land the veteran edge-rusher.

Currently, the team projects to be almost $12 million over next year’s projected salary-cap figure of just under $185 million. Packers fans should not be overly distressed by that news. There are plenty of ways for Green Bay to comfortably get under the cap before the 2021 season begins.

Of course, the franchise needs to do more than just get under the cap if they want to land Watt. He might be willing to take a slight discount to play in Green Bay, but they still need to offer him a competitive salary. If the Packers want to free up the cash to land Watt, they need to consider the following three moves.

3. Cut Christian Kirksey

The Packers need to cut ties with Kirksey no matter what happens with Watt. He was one of the worst defensive starters in the entire NFL last season. His final PFF grade of 43.9 accurately depicts just how poor he was.

The upside for Green Bay is that they can free up $5.6 million in cap space by parting ways with Kirksey. Cutting him will leave the team with a void at linebacker, but finding someone to replace Kirksey’s pitiful production from 2020 will be easy for the team’s front office.

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