Panthers’ social media team wins the Sam Darnold trade

Perhaps the biggest winner of the Sam Darnold trade is the Carolina Panthers social media account.

Just like that, Sam Darnold is on the move.

After months of speculation, Mondays news made it official that the New York Jets will be starting over at quarterback. The team elected to trade Darnold to the Carolina Panthers in return for a 2021 sixth-round pick, and a 2022 second and fourth-round pick.

Without a proven quarterback on the roster, the Jets are expected to select the replacement for the former No. 3 pick of 2018 with the No. 2 overall pick in the April 29 draft. As for Darnold, he’ll likely be the starters for at least two seasons in Queen City, allowing Carolina to use picks elsewhere on talent.

However, the real winner of the Darnold deal? Carolina’s social media account. Not only will have some catchy slogans to write, but they won Twitter by saying what everyone likely was thinking about anyone leaving the dumpster fire known as the Jets.

The shade. Beautiful.

Can Darnold be the guy for Carolina?

Darnold enters potentially the final year of his rookie contract, with a salary $4.6 million. Carolina must decide on Darnold’s fifth-year option for 2022 by May 3. Much like giving Matt Rhule a six year deal, Carolina probably will be opting in to give them a season to adjust to the new system.

At 23, Darnold still has the chance to be one of the game’s better quarterbacks. He’s upgrading from Adam Gase to Joe Brady, which seems like a win overall. Plus, the weapons in Carolina are upgrade over those in New York.

Darnold wins getting out New York. Carolina though wins the internet.

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