PUBG: Latest 11.1 Patch hits test servers; Check out what’s new

PUBG: Latest 11.1 Patch hits test servers; Check out what’s new

PUBG: Latest 11.1 Patch hits test servers; Check out what’s new- With the conclusion of PUBG Season 10, the game developers have already begun testing the upcoming 11.1 Patch for Season 11 which will be released sometime next week. Among the new features, gamers will be able to drop back into the highlands of Paramo. It will have updated terrain and new game modes. That apart, gamers will be able to try out new and updated weapons including Mini-14 and SCAR-L that will have increased damage.

“Spawn rates for all weapons in Ranked Mode will be increased to a level similar as Esports Mode, on all maps. We have increased the number of item spawns by 30%-40% to reduce time spent looting. There are no additional changes to other items or vehicle spawn rates,” PUBG Corporation said in its patch release note.

What are the changes in Patch 11.1?

The first big change will be the return of Paramo in the PUBG update. But it will be the same as it was before. The developers have introduced a few changes to the map. Now, there will be an additional random map area for each match. Karakin will continue to be available in custom games.

  • In the secret room and Care package helicopter, there will be an increase in item spawn rates.
  • Terrains have been improved and the additional cover has been added to fields.
  • In normal matches, up to 64 players including bots can play.
  • Paramo will support both TPP and FPP in all three game modes (Solo, Dual and Squad).
  • The new map will be available in custom matches as well.
  • A secret room key to spawn is now available apart from Sandbox mode

PUBG Season 11 Updated weapons

Among other changes, the patch improves weapon damage rate marginally while Beryl and SLR have been weakened.

Mini-14: Damage increased by 1 (46 to 47)

VSS: Damage increased by 2 (41 to 43)

SCAR-L: Damage increased by 1 (41 to 42)

SLR: Horizontal recoiling increased by 15% but recoil recovery rate decreased from 2.1 to 1.9

Beryl: Horizontal recoil magnitude increased by 5% and vertical recoil speed from 15 to 16.5. Furthermore, recoiling speed has been increased from 10 to 11.

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What are the new features in Patch 11.1?

PUBG Season 11 Emergency Pick-up: A lootable item that is found in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi, the emergency pick-up has been added to the new patch. When the option is activated, a Fulton Balloon will be released from the bag. When the balloon is fully inflated and, in the air, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds. At this time, a maximum of four players can attach themselves to the balloon rope and the plane will carry them to a safe zone.

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During the flight, players can parachute down. But there are conditions to deploy the mode.

  • A player must be stuck in the Blue Zone or they are in a condition to outrun it.
  • They have to cross an open field without any cover while engaging the opponent.
  • It can also be deployed while adding a new teammate who will need a safer location to land.

Apart from that, in the new PUBG update, the game has undergone optimization for a better player experience. By improving server replication process, it has enhanced server performance. The Care Package has been optimised to reduce server hiccups. Apart from that, the server has gone further optimisations in Red Zones and image loading speeds.

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