Seahawks giving Tyler Lockett a huge extension is good news for Russell Wilson

In a move likely motivated to appease Russell Wilson, the Seahawks gave a monster extension to Tyler Lockett. 

As the world turns, so too does the Russell Wilson rumor mill.

While things have died down significantly from the Code Red that Seahawks fans encountered earlier this month, stuck in the back of everyone’s mind is the happiness level of the franchise’s star quarterback.

Wilson has zero MVPs in his career, but it also appears he has the same amount of offensive assistance. Seattle has one been a defensive-minded team, birthing the Legion of Doom in the early 2010s and trying to reinvent that vibe ever since.

All this while it has a superstar future Hall of Famer at quarterback who is forced to solve problems on his own. It’s something that Wilson is so good at that it’s the reason his game looks so consistently good each year and a large part of the blessing/curse conversation surrounding his MVP candidacy.

But the Seahawks finally made a move, albeit the easiest one the team could have made.

Seattle Seahawks give Tyler Lockett a big contract extension

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Seahawks are giving wide receiver Tyler Lockett a monster contract extension that will keep him in Seattle as Wilson’s top target for the next four years.

“Seattle Seahawks are giving Tyler Lockett a four-year, $69.2 million contract extension, including $37M guaranteed, per source,” Schefter reported on Wednesday.

The knee-jerk reaction here is to dub this as Russell Wilson’s top target getting paid, but that’s a bit disingenuous. As easy as it is to call out the Seahawks for finding new and creative ways to do the opposite of helping Wilson, they did draft D.K. Metcalf who developed into an absolute star in Wilson’s offense.

Still, when you have the type of talent Wilson is at quarterback doing the bare minimum and expecting maximum results is a bold strategy.

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