Triller Fight Club: Jake Paul shocks with early stoppage of MMA champion Ben Askren (Video)

Jake Paul and Ben Askren looked like the odd couple before their April 17 bout, and oddities kept coming all the way to the sudden end.

The April 17 Triller Fight Club pay-per-view event featured social media boxer Jake Paul vs. MMA fighter Ben Askren in an eight-round boxing bout. It was a strange pairing for many reasons, and the ending continued that trend.

Oddly enough, Paul (3-0, 3 KOs) was the more experienced boxer between the two, but most expected Askren’s 19-2 MMA record to account for something, yet oddsmakers still made the 24-year-old Paul the favorite over the 36-year-old former UFC star.

The weigh-in further supported the oddsmakers decision. Paul looked fit and trim, while Askren looked lumpy at 191 pounds for the former welterweight. Askren’s physique, or lack of one, set the internet on fire, talking about his dad bod. He truly didn’t look like he trained for Paul at all.

His performance supported that anecdotal evidence.

Jake Paul ended Ben Askren’s night quickly with a TKO in 1.

Things started in typical strange fashion with Paul being escorted by a robot. It also joined him during the weigh-in.

Paul came at Askren to start round 1 but retreated when Askren decided to come forward. Paul landed the first meaningful punch with a right cross. With about 1:15 remaining, Paul connected on another straight right that sent Askren crashing to the canvas.

Askren got to his feet, but the referee decided that he couldn’t continue. It looked like a very quick stoppage, but there’s no doubt that Paul hurt Askren.

What’s even crazier to consider is that Ali Eson Gib and Nate Robinson lasted longer than Askren, who’s a real fighter. This is going to haunt Askren for a long time. At least he made $500,000 in the process.

As for Paul, his reputation rises once more, and he’s in line for another Triller Fight Club main event.

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