Urban Meyer makes amazing gesture for youth football team in Jacksonville

New Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer is going above and beyond to make an impact on the youth in the community. 

As soon as the Jacksonville Jaguars introduced Urban Meyer as the team’s new head coach, he instantly won over countless fans in the area. Now, for anyone who was on the fence about the Meyer move, it sure is hard not to like the guy following his latest move.

Over the weekend, 11-year-old Keilani Contreras became the first girl to ever score a touchdown in Jacksonville’s Arlington Youth Football Association. Meyer found out about this and went above and beyond to make things even more special for Contreras and her squad.

Urban Meyer was fired up to learn about an 11-year-old girl making history in Jacksonville

This is nothing short of amazing. Meyer is so happy for Contreras and her first touchdown that he has invited her and the rest of her team to training camp if fans are allowed to attend. Not only that, Contreras and Co. will arrive as special guests.

Again, Meyer has gone out of his way to not only applaud Contreras for making history, but also for her continuing to chase her dreams. Meyer is incredibly busy right now, as he’s getting ready with the Jaguars for his first NFL Draft with the team.

Jacksonville holds the No. 1 overall pick and the expectation is that the team will be selecting Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Unless something drastic happens, Lawrence should be the one to hear his name called first by Roger Goodell. After that, Meyer will then turn his focus to offseason workouts and training camp. For him, he’s hoping Contreras will be able to make her way to camp to meet the team and inspire them leading up to Week 1.


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