Yankees are so bad their broadcasters have literally nothing to talk about (Video)

The Yankees broadcast went radio silent for nearly one minute of live baseball for some reason.

Baseball can be boring. I love it, but it’s true. There is no more ideal napping sport — baseball fans can fall asleep from about the second-to-seventh innings and not miss a beat. Yankees games this season have been particularly gruesome, with the team struggling to hit with runners in scoring position, and their pitching woes rearing its ugly head early in the year. Altogether, the Yanks don’t have much going for them at the moment.

Even the broadcast booth has checked out, evidently. Michael Kay is one of the best in the business, but why, then, did the Yanks’ broadcast go a full minute without talking baseball?

The New York Yankees have to make some major changes

After getting swept by the Tampa Bay Rays, the Yankees had lost five straight games entering Tuesday’s action. Facing the Braves, New York hopes to take advantage of a team suffering some tough injuries, with Ronald Acuña potentially out most of the series.

Nonetheless, this starts with the Yankees offense. The lineup was supposed to be among the team’s strengths, but instead hasn’t manifested anything resembling the power they were expected to produce on a regular basis.

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