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Helena Seger, who is in a relationship with Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, spoke about an unusual acquaintance with the football player and explained why she still did not marry him.

«He once parked badly in his Ferrari in Malmo. He parked the car so that my Mercedes could not leave. I rudely told him to put the car away — that’s how he liked me. It is difficult to live with Zlatan, but, I confess, it is not easier to live with me.

I think I like Zlatan because I confront him. I, too, have a rich past, and I have built a career myself, having made severe sacrifices.

Why am I not married to him yet? A wedding can break my sense of independence. I don’t want to be known only as the wife of a football player or the winner of beauty contests. I think people do not know how much I studied, worked and fought,»- Helena Seger said in an interview with Corriere Dello Sport.

It is worth noting that Helena Seger has been living with Zlatan Ibrahimovic since 2002.

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