WCW offered Tommy Dreamer $75,000 to become an American Male, Paul Heyman cried to get him to stay in ECW

Brian Hebner welcomed Tommy Dreamer as his guest this week on the “Reffin’ It Up” podcast. Dreamer talked about his career, including his time in ECW, WWE, and what he is currently doing in Impact Wrestling

Dreamer talked about the various opportunities he had to jump from ECW to WCW:

“My first offer was to go to WCW as an American Male. Kevin Sullivan had asked me to go for $75,000 guaranteed a year. I turned it down because I knew ECW had something because if you watch it on Peacock, you can watch the growth of the company everytime you would go back to that show where you could feel the territory was popping. I also didn’t feel like going to WCW to be an American Male was worth it.”

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